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Dissecton Practical Upper Limb

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MODULE 1: Dissection Practical Upper Limb12 video lessons (37m 19s )


    • In this eLearning module, you will learn about Cubital Fossa. An area of transition between the anatomical arm and the forearm. The location of it is in the depression on the anterior surface of the elbow joint. It is also know as the antecubital fossa because it lies anteriorly to the elbow. It is a space filled with different structures that makes up its content. The cubital fossa has three boundaries and it has a floor and a roof.


    • In this eLearning module, you will learn about Axilla. The axilla is located in the anatomical region under the shoulder joint where the arm connects to the shoulder. It contains different neurovascular structures, including the axillary artery, axillary vein, brachial plexus, and lymph nodes. The anatomic borders of the axilla include the superior, anterior, posterior, lateral, and medial walls. The size and shape of the axilla region varies with arm aduction. The contents of the axilla region include muscles, nerves, vessels, and lymphatics. The axillary artery provides the primary blood supply to the axilla.


    • In this eLearning module, you will learn about Anterior compartment of arm. It is one of the two compartment of arm. There is a sheath of deep fascia surrounding the arm called the brachial fascia. There are three muscles located in the anterior compartment of the upper arm. The biceps brachii, coracobrachialis and brachialis. Everything here is innervated by the musculocutaneous nerve. Arterial supply to the anterior compartment of the upper arm is via muscular branches of the brachial artery.


    • In this eLearning module, you will learn about Posterior compartment of arm. The posterior compartment of the arm is one of the two compartments in the arm. The posterior compartment contains mainly the triceps brachii muscle. Two intermuscular septa (medial and lateral) extend from it to attach to the humerus at the medial condylar ridge and lateral supracondylar ridge, respectively. Arterial supply to the posterior compartment of the upper arm is via the profunda brachii artery.

  • Palm of hand: intrinsic muscles

  • Scapular region and Intermascular spaces

  • Posterior compartment of forearm

  • Pectoral region

  • Anterior compartment of forearm

  • Dorsum of Hand

  • Superficial muscles of the back

  • Palm of hand: vessels & nerves

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